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Broadband technology and our vision (NGA services)

"We do broadband!"

Broadband technologies are the foundation of our information and knowledge-based society and the resulting positive effects are undeniable: economic growth and correspondingly higher competitiveness of domestic businesses, creation of high value employment, encouraging citizen participation in social, cultural and political processes as well as promote settlement in rural areas.

The targets have been mandated by the federal ministry of digital infrastructure: every household across Germany should have access to high speed broadband connections of at least 50 Mbit/s until 2018.

Our service

We guide public institutions and private businesses on their way to sustainable NGA-expansion.

MICUS supports and advises counties and municipalities in matters of high speed internet connection supply. We consider ourselves as a provider-independent intermediary between technical requirements and economic interests. The focal point of our consultation work is to counsel clients regarding strategic, infrastructural and financial issues. MICUS has expert knowledge in construction planning of ductwork- and fibre optic infrastructures for NGA (Next Generation Access)-expansion projects. Based on comprehensive market research, infrastructure analysis and profitability calculations, we develop Masterplans and FTTC/FTTB/FTTH-infrastructure concepts for broadband expansion to provide counties and municipalities with the opportunity to meet the requirements of technological progress. Ultimately, our clients obtain comprehensive and feasible NGA-Masterplans and development strategies.

MICUS has advised over 100 counties and municipalities exceeding an overall investment volume of 800 Mio €.

If you are interested in our NGA-planning services, please contact us.