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Information and Communication Technology Strategies

All over the world businesses and public entities feel the pressure to better adapt to the needs of customers and citizens respectively. It has become a necessity to optimize results by offering affordable products and services and simultaneously ensuring sustainable growth. Nearly every business and entity has therefore analysed their processes and structures to detect potential weaknesses and to optimize business operations.

Our service

MICUS gives support with process and structure analysis, e.g. within the scope of quality management, adapting the service spectrum or the introduction of new communication technologies. We advise and guide businesses and public entities to refocus and restructure. We optimize financial, operational and strategical alignments to ensure competitiveness and efficiency for your business.

Moreover, MICUS supports you in setting business objectives, in systematically developing comprehensive surveys, analysis and modelling of business-determining processes. We take a strategic approach for the whole context of your business when it comes to advising and supporting our clients. Our approach to observe cases from an independent perspective helps businesses and public entities to better manage and allocate their resources.

In doing this, MICUS perceives itself as a coach for the customer, who consistently incorporates the employees involved into the analysis and conceptual development to create understanding and to expose process vulnerabilities early on.

MICUS has extensive experience with almost every federal ministry, numerous institutions at state level, and with private enterprises.