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Market Studies

In our fast-moving data and information society, industries, businesses and other market participants constantly change over time. Consequently, core businesses and sources of revenue change with them. This is especially true for the telecommunication sector.

Public authorities have realized that a powerful broadband infrastructure has become a crucial location factor, for residents and companies alike. Thus, to improve the economic and demographic situation of rural areas, broadband deployment will continue to advance.

Commonly, there is a lack of expertise and guidance in the area of telecommunication and broadband technology for both businesses and public entities.

Our service

With substantial expertise in the field of broadband, telecommunication technology and visualization of geodata, MICUS conducts market research and studies for business and public clients.

We especially focus on market studies, in which we analyse specific sub-markets of the telecommunication sector from a strategic point of view. Hence, the success of our studies relies not on theory, but rather on the delivery of clear, implementable recommendations for our clients. In doing so, the most important market participants are purposefully incorporated into the study. Previous experience has shown that our qualified advice for projects have successfully been realized by political entities in a timely manner. Over the years, we were able to build up a competent and valuable network at the municipal, national as well as international level. Today, we successfully focus our consulting services on the close collaboration between businesses and public entities.