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How does a hospital get a fiber optic connection?

This question is frequently put to MICUS. The good news is that we will find the right and affordable solution for you.

1. Your hospital does not have fiber optics yet:

First, we'll review your current contract and telecommunications coverage. If your hospital does not have a sufficient broadband supply, we will examine the possibility of a subsidised expansion together with the local authority. The broadband threshold for funding is calculated as follows: The number of beds in the hospital (in our example 256) is divided by 11. The resulting value is multiplied by 30 Mbit/s.

In addition, another 30 Mbit/s are added to this result for the administration's needs. If this theoretical value is higher than the actually available download data rate, application for funding is possible.
Number of beds
Demand of hospital wards
Demand of administration
Broadband demand of the hospital



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2. Your hospital already has a fiber optic connection and the price is too high?

Especially at the beginning of the fiber optic expansion, sometimes very high prices were demanded for the fiber optic products, particularly for remote locations. The more the fibre optic expansion progresses, the more the prices decrease. So you are the right customer for our contract management. From the experience of thousands of implemented fibre optic connections we have a very good expertise in contractual negotiations of telecommunication fibre optic connections, i.e. the conditions for one-off access fees and monthly provider costs. In this context, we offer to negotiate the conditions of a fibre-optic connection with suitable providers in the region and at the same time draft a new provider contract for the telecommunications connections.
We are confident that the new contract package will lead to a significant cost reduction compared to the existing conditions. Incidentally, this also applies if no broadband funding is possible.

Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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