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Digitization of schools: Setting the right course now

If the digital classroom is to become a reality, the course must be set now. This is where the "DigitalPakt Schule" comes in and provides funds for hardware and software equipment for schools. With a catalogue of requirements for the digital infrastructure, we help to prevent mistaken purchases and isolated solutions when using the funds from the DigitalPakt. Our advice and support is also guaranteed one hundred percent by the "Digitalpakt Schule"!

The four central prerequisites for digitising the school infrastructure are:

  • Broadband connection
    Data centres
    WLAN in the classroom
    Technical equipment / end devices
  • Backbones
  • Data centre
  • School

Technical equipment
How the digital classroom becomes reality - a catalogue of requirements.

MICUS Strategieberatung is the market-leading consulting company in Germany for the broadband connection of schools. We create a catalogue of requirements for you as school authorities or schools, which defines the equipment standard of the school infrastructure for digitalisation. This is a prerequisite for procurement in accordance with the "DigitalPakt" subsidies. This catalogue of requirements is the basis for a high quality of digitisation, simplifies operation and maintenance, and saves costs already at the acquisition stage.
1. We bring broadband to your school - 100 percent

Federal broadband funding of schools by the BMVI

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) supports the broadband expansion of schools and educational institutions within the framework of the federal support programme. The braodband threshold of a school is calculated on the basis of the number of students or classes and is no longer based solely on the building connection. This opens up a unique opportunity to obtain subsidised fibre-optic access to almost all schools as part of the expansion of a district or municipality.


For a school with 20 classes, a demand of at least 630 Mbit/s is assumed. A demand of 30 Mbit/s is considered for each class. Another 30 Mbit/s are added for administration.

>> BMVI – Funding for broadband infrastruktures

MICUS has extensive experience in the inclusion of schools in the federal funding programme. We would be pleased to advise you on the possibilities of how your schools can benefit from federal funding.

Inclusion of schools in NGA funding in rural areas NRW/ELER

The NRW state development programme is based on the development programme of the BMVI. Both take the same calculation for the broadband threshold as a basis.

>> Funding of NGA Networks

Broadband funding of schools through "Gute Schule 2020" in NRW

With the Gute Schule 2020 programme, NRW.Bank and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) have created a loan programme with a volume of EUR 2 billion, which is available to the school authorities of the state of NRW for investments in school infrastructure. An important component of the programme is the improvement of the digital infrastructure and digital equipment of the schools. In this way, both newly created broadband connections and network investments in the school building can be financed.

>> State NRW – Gute Schule 2020

2. Security for your IT - the data centre

In the second step, your IT should be connected to a data center at the level of school authority, district or state to ensure secure data storage and encrypted communication for your school. You can find the right computer centre for your school by means of tenders or in cooperation with local authorities. We support you in finding the optimal solution for your data management and IT operation.

3. WLAN in every classroom

In the future, one access point for stable WLAN will be available per classroom. Each access point must be controllable by the administrator. WLAN speed and temporary WLAN shutdown must be possible through him. The exact description of the requirements is the basis for tenders and implementation when applying for funds from the DigitalPakt. We support you in this.
4. Technical equipment / end devices

In terms of technical equipment, one monitor/whiteboard and beamer should be available per classroom. The focus is on tablets as a processing medium. Each student must be able to work with an individual device at all schools.
Our hardware concept also includes printers and scanners. But what demands are made on the devices? Which hardware do you really need, and how many devices? We advise you independently of manufacturers.
Our services

Funding from the DigitalPakt will only be granted with a coherent technical concept. Depending on the type of school, we will draw up a generalised service specification. In doing so, we rely on standardization as a basis for cost savings. We handle the tendering procedures for you in accordance with existing public procurement law.
With our help, mispurchases through direct procurement are avoided and existing funds are invested sustainably.

Our planning and support services can be fully financed from the funds of the DigitalPakt.

Just ask us! We look forward to hearing from you!

Contract Management

From the experience of thousands of implemented fibre optic connections we have a very good expertise in contractual negotiations of telecommunication fibre optic connections, i.e. the conditions for one-off access fees and monthly provider costs. This means that we offer you to negotiate the conditions of a fibre optic connection with suitable providers in the region and at the same time draft a new provider contract for the telecommunications connections.

Please feel free to contact us anytime!



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