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Route Monitoring

Why is monitoring necessary?drohne


Why is monitoring necessary?

About 80% of the costs for the expansion of the fibre optic network are caused by civil engineering. The main cost factor here is the surface sealing of the road body. Due to a precise knowledge about the surface of the road, the breaking up and restoration of expensive road sealing, such as cobblestones, can be taken into account when planning the fibre optic network.

How is the monitoring carried out?

The monitoring is carried out on the basis of aerial photographs. These are either provided by the client or recorded in a MICUS drone flight. The spatial resolution of the aerial images enables an exact determination of the surface quality along the fibre optic line.

What are the benefits of monitoring?

The knowledge of the surface condition along the fibre optic route gives the telecommunication companies/construction companies planning reliability and enables a precise calculation of the civil engineering costs. In contrast to car traffic along the route, drone flight is also faster, cheaper and more eco-friendly.

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Why is monitoring necessary?

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