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Telecommunications Industry

How do I position my telecommunications company as a competitive player?

Telecommunications companies are facing great challenges in order to achieve sustainable growth in a rapidly growing market. This includes, on the one hand, better understanding customers and citizens and creating optimal, easy-to-implement and cost-effective solutions, and, on the other hand, simplifying internal processes. We, in particular, support companies that want to invest in telecommunications businesses, regarding sales, human resources, the introduction of geographic information systems and organizational structures to be chosen.

What we offer

To achieve better sustainable results, MICUS develops process and structure analyses for you, e.g. within the scope of quality management, in the course of adapting the range of services or within the scope of introducing new communication technologies. We help companies and public clients to enter new paths. Together, we optimise your financial, operational and strategic orientation in order to guarantee you future competitiveness in your industry.
MICUS supports you in the definition of your goals, a systematic and comprehensible survey, analysis and modelling of your core processes as well as in the future-oriented design of your organisational structures and the organisational processes geared to them. In doing so, we approach problems from a strategic perspective and take into account the entire business context of our clients. The objective and independent perspective of our experts helps companies and administrations to make full use of their resources and investments.

Our particular expertise lies in the areas of network documentation and line information via Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Especially for companies planning to enter the field of telecommunications services, the introduction of suitable documentation systems is a core element in the development of this business area.

In this context, MICUS sees itself as a partner of the customer who consequently involves the employees in the analysis and conceptual development in order to build up understanding and support for necessary changes at an early stage.
We have extensive references in this field of activity. If you are also interested in reorienting your company, and optimising business processes, please contact us and we will prepare a tailor-made offer for you.

Please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view anytime!

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