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MICUS Technical Tendering Assistance

After the planning phase and the frequently subsequent application for funding for NGA network expansion (MICUS´funding assistance), tendering and award procedures for the expansion and operation of the NGA network infrastructure follow. In order to provide you with the best possible support in finding the ideal provider for the construction and operation of a broadband network, we offer the technical MICUS tender support.

For this purpose, we work together with leading law firms from the field of European public procurement law. In this way, we can ensure for our customers that the jointly prepared texts for the tendering process are exactly oriented to the guidelines of national and European public procurement law. All questions about the funding laws are also taken into account.
The basis for this MICUS tendering assistance is formed by the NGA network planning carried out as well as the subsidies and co-financing provided. On this basis, we develop texts for the tendering process for individual expansion clusters in close cooperation with our customers and our legal partners.
Compliance with the principles of public procurement law and the requirements resulting from the guidelines (NGA framework regulation, federal guidelines, guidelines of the individual federal states, broadband guidelines of the EU Commission) is observed at all times.
In addition to the design of the EU announcement and the definition of selection and award criteria, MICUS also provides technical advice in the award procedure after receipt of the bids. The procedure is technically accompanied from a possible participation competition via the negotiated procedure up to the drafting and signing of a contract for network expansion and operation.
When awarding the network operation, we pay particular attention to compliance with the EU requirements and the technical design of the (concession) contract with regard to the guarantee of free network access ('open access').


Planning round of negotiations
Tender vetting
List for point of clarification
List for points of negotiations
Agenda for the round of negotiations


Round of negotiations
Minutes for the tender file
Lists of participants
Ensuring equality of treatment
Information on the status of the preceedings


Evaluation of negotiations
If applicable adaption of documents
Request for quotation to bidders
Answering of bidders‘ questions

Where it is planned to build a network using an operator model, the construction of the passive infrastructure and the operation of the network shall be subject to two separate and successive tendering procedures. Here, the steps described above will be carried out for the award of each of the network operation and network development contracts.
We would be pleased to inform you about possible tender concepts and award procedures to be selected in technical terms, which are suitable for you and how MICUS can optimally support you - as far as the technical part is concerned - in the tendering and award procedure and the implementation of all necessary steps for the construction of a high-performance NGA network. All steps are based on the funding conditions and the European legal framework for awarding contracts.

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