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Districts, cities and municipalities receive fiber optic networks through us.


Your municipality or district is to be developed with fibre optic networks in the future? You want to offer your citizens the best possible infrastructure?

MICUS supports districts and municipalities in the provision of fast Internet connections. We see ourselves as a provider-neutral mediator between technical possibilities, economic interests and political goals. The focus is on the holistic clarification of all infrastructural and financial questions of broadband expansion. In doing so, we develop strategic master plans and network concepts for broadband expansion for our customers, thus laying the foundation for the future-oriented development of districts and municipalities. From the supply, infrastructure and demand analysis to individual FTTC/FTTB/FTTH network planning and detailed profitability calculations, our customers receive all the necessary data and calculations to generate support from state, federal or EU funds for the respective projects.


We have already successfully carried out planning concepts in over 150 districts and municipalities with several million inhabitants and a total investment volume of over € 1.3 billion. We develop the most cost-effective solution for connecting your town, industrial estate, hospital, school, hotel, training centre or radio and mobile network.


With our planning concepts you build safely and in accordance with your funding guidelines.

In addition to our knowledge of the broadband market, MICUS' success factors also include close cooperation with all those involved in the local authorities and economic development agencies as well as the utility companies.
Our master plans do not remain on a theoretical level, but provide clear, directly implementable recommendations for action. Experience shows that our recommendations have been accepted by political actors and, thus, successfully implemented. MICUS has successfully specialised in acting as a mediator between the public and private sector.


Our technical know-how for your fibre optic investments

Against the background of our numerous broadband projects, we at MICUS have developed our own tools that enable efficient, reliable and affordable fibre optic network planning. Tools such as the MICUS Fiber-Finder serve to identify the optimal backbone connection, the MICUS Leerrohr-Navigator supports the calculation of street-exact plans for fiber optic expansion, and Breitband-WErT implements the analysis of the profitability of broadband projects. We would be pleased to inform you about the funding possibilities for your district or your municipality and how MICUS can support you in the application procedure at both federal and state level.


Award procedures are in safe hands with us.

After the planning phase and the often subsequent application for funding for NGA network expansion, tendering and award procedures for the expansion and operation of the fiber optic networks follow. In order to provide the best possible support to districts and municipalities in finding the ideal provider for the construction and operation of a broadband network, we offer technical assistance in tendering procedures. We develop a suitability profile for the respective cooperation partner sought, draw up specifications, develop an evaluation matrix and accompany the negotiations. The interface between technical and legal support is provided by our in-house lawyers, who also ensure the internal legal coordination of the respective team of consultants.


Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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