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Network planning
Subsidy consulting
Tendering assistance
Construction support and documentation
Route monitoring
Mobile telephony strategies


Fibre-optic networks built the basic prerequisite in our knowledge and information society. The positive developments resulting from broadband expansion are undisputed: economic growth, increased competitiveness of businesses, the creation of high-quality jobs, and the possibility of full participation of citizens in social, cultural and political processes.

MICUS has in-depth expertise in the field of broadband communications and is a leader in the development of broadband strategies and the planning of fiber optic networks. Through numerous broadband projects at all levels of administration and in cooperation with various telecommunications providers, we have gained extensive experience to support our customers in the expansion of high-performance fiber optic networks. MICUS paves the way for public institutions and the private sector to built sustainable fibre-optic networks. Hereby, MICUS makes a significant contribution to achieving the ambitious objectives of broadband expansion through the interplay of different factors.

Our consulting expertise covers a wide range of topics in the areas of network planning, subsidy consulting, tendering assistance support in construction phase and dokumentation, route monitoring, and mobile telephony strategies. Our team has extensive industry knowledge and many years of expertise in the development of innovative concepts.

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